My name is Sheila Lothian. Since 1995, I have been conceptualizing and creating fresh, compelling copy and marketing campaigns that generate extraordinary customer response.

After cutting my teeth as a travel brochure writer, I became a copywriter and later, copy director at one of the country’s leading personal development audio publishers and direct response marketers — an experience which has afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the biggest authors in that field, and market products covering an incredible range of subjects including wealth creation, health and wellness, business and sales skills, spirituality and more.

My time in the down-and-dirty world of direct response has also imbued me with a simple guiding philosophy: “Great copy” is not necessarily clever copy, or shocking copy, or copy that makes everyone in the conference room smile — though it can be any or all of those things.

Great copy is copy that delivers results.

Every word I write, every idea I formulate, is fueled by the single-minded purpose of eliciting the strongest possible desired response from the audience it is intended for — be it measured in clicks, ‘likes’, views, leads, signups, subscriptions or sales.

Browse my portfolio to discover how I’ve generated electrifying results for others. Then contact me to discuss how we can create the same kind of results for YOU.